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It had long been on her list of desires, and they’d talked about it from time to time over the years but never acted on it for one reason or another. That year he decided it was definitely going on the agenda,they were getting more experimental in their sex sessions,and the time was ripe to add another woman to their bed.

Finding a suitable guest for the encounter was tricky,as was finding the right time for it to take place. Fortunately aesthetics weren’t an issue as they had always shared a similar taste in women. As varied as those tastes were,there had always been some overlap. It took a few attempts, one or two casual meetings that lacked chemistry before they found the willing guest to invite into their bedroom antics. An ad on an adult orientated site had led to them meeting, but until she saw their guest playing with her blonde hair and smiling across the table of the coffee house they had met at, R hadn’t been sure about the whole idea moving from fantasy into reality. Now she felt a grin tugging on her own lips,thinking about the fun that lay ahead. Even as she kissed her goodbye, R felt a thrill from feeling a nipple piercing pressing against her,and unexpected bonus to proceedings. Arrangements made, they two ladies parted ways for the time being.

The night of the encounter arrived,and he had glasses of imported bubbly poured for the ladies, a bourbon old fashioned for himself whilst R was in the shower. The bedroom was set but he felt the need to sit and relax before sharing the woman he adored. Open minded though he was,sometimes jealousy could kick in unexpectedly. He and R had already discussed limits with N, going over certain ground rules to try to keep everyone at ease. . He heard R finish up in the shower,and grinned as he saw her exiting the bathroom in a sheer white nightgown that he always loved seeing her in. He had just handed her a glass when the buzzer went,announcing the arrival of their guest for the evening.

R made herself comfortable whilst He buzzed N up,unlocking the door to greet her. A welcoming hug and a quick kiss on the cheek were enough to hide his sudden onset of shyness. N made her way to the sofa beside R and leaned in for a far more adventurous kiss as N undid the ties of her overcoat. Whatever was on display clearly worked for R as she grinned,pulling N closer as she did so. Finding himself somewhat surplus to current requirements, He made himself at ease on the other sofa and settled back to enjoy the view of the woman he adored worshipping another woman. The glass cradled in his hand was enough of a distraction to settle his nerves as R kissed the throat of their guest before slowly making her way downwards. A glint of colour between his lover’s thighs caught his eye in the dim candlelight. Being the tease that she was,she was wearing her jewelled plug and had painted her nails to match. K leaned forward on the sofa to get a better view as her fingers tapped against the plug and her waiting cunt. He watched eagerly as she slid her fingertip along her vulva,almost beckoning him closer before wagging her finger to tell him “No,not yet” as N ran her fingers through his lover’s hair,leaving him to watch on the sidelines,sipping on his bourbon and trying to ignore the growing stiffness in his jeans.

K sat,watching impatiently,as R pushed the thighs of N wider apart. R was clearly revelling in the task at hand because K could see her fingers slick with her juices as they worked at her vulva. Fucking hell did he love that sight. It wasn’t long before K found himself reaching for a condom to slip on and join the ladies as they moved from the sofa to the bedroom…

K’s memories of the following hours were a tangle of limbs and snapshots of the action unfolding,his clearest memory being that of fucking R in her throat as her head hung off the side of the bed whilst N was sucking on her clit. He was happy to let the ladies dictate the pace,this was R’s evening and he was more than satisfied watching it unfold to her pleasure

After their guest had left,he crawled back into bed,nestling behind her naked curves,his body fitting perfectly as it always had. His hand found hers as he kissed her neck,a grin on his lips as he slid back into her. Some things were just too good to share…

#FreshlyPolished: The Entries

The full list of entries to my #FreshlyPolished competition. Entries will be added as and when they’re submitted. Closing date is TBC, so there’s still time to enter. Enjoy!

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[Christmas] Nail Polish Fiction: Wingwoman

I got a manicure a couple of months back, and the polish was called Wingwoman. It felt like it was begging to be the name of a story…




‘I’m sorry?’

He gestures at her ombré fairy wings – the ones she bought from Claire’s Accessories at ten to five.

‘The theme was superheroes.’

Faux-obtuse, she raises an eyebrow. ‘And?’

‘You’re dressed as a fucking fairy.’

She’s not having it. Especially not from a guy whose idea of dressing for a superhero fancy dress party is a Batman t-shirt over faded jeans.

‘No, I’m a superhero.’

‘Which one?’


What starts as a sneer morphs into a grin, as if he can’t help himself.

‘Wingwoman? And what are her super powers?’

She gestures to the corner of the room, where Mark has been sucking some girl’s face off for the past fifteen minutes. ‘She can find you a shag within half an hour of arriving at a party.’

He winks at her. ‘Really?!’

Oh, spare the fucking cheese, she thinks. She doesn’t need this. She’d agreed to accompany Mark to this party because she owed him a favour, but the favour doesn’t stretch as far as tolerating predictable flirting from some guy who used his opening line to insult her.

They’re kids wings, too, and the elastic straps are way too short, so they sit too high on her back – if she actually were a fairy there’s not a chance in hell they’d keep her airborne. She’s wearing them with a silver top and denim skirt and although she knows she looks ridiculous, she thinks it’s kind of cute-ridiculous. At least she’s abandoned her matching wand somewhere over by the wine.

She gives him a withering look. ‘Sure. But only if you put more effort into your chat up lines than you did into your costume.’

‘Ah,’ he says. ‘So that’s your other superpower. You can find a guy a shag in thirty minutes or cut him dead in two. Nice.’

She likes a man with a quick comeback. She has a weakness for guys who turn verbal sparring into actual sparring – the ones who teasingly slap her arse on the way to the bedroom, and then again, repeatedly and harder, once they’re actually inside her. She likes boys who dare her to masturbate in front of them until she comes apart, the ones who tell her to keep her eyes open the whole time, the ones who force her hand back to her clit if she stops. And the ones who bite. Fuck, especially the ones who bite.

‘Yep,’ she replies, and hands him her glass. ‘Or I can trade another drink for another chance.’

‘Red, right?’

‘Well spotted.’

When he returns from the makeshift bar, he’s carrying not only her drink, but also her wand.

‘This belong to you?’

‘It did. I was trying to offload it.’

He turns his hand over so his palm faces upwards and experimentally strikes it with the wand. Hard. The sound of it makes her wet.

‘No use for it, huh?’

‘Well,’ she says, taking it from him, chin tilted upwards and eye-contact maintained the whole time. ‘I wouldn’t necessarily say that.’

‘Look,’ he says, ‘I know this is presumptuous, especially given that it’s been less than half an hour, but do you want to take this upstairs?’

She doesn’t reply, just sashays up the stairs ahead of him, leaving him to follow in her wake. It’s only when they reach the top that she turns to face him, kisses him, and says ‘Good plan, Batman.’ And then she bursts out laughing. She’s inordinately pleased with herself for that line.

He’s laughing too, but his eyes are roaming the landing for some place they can go. The bathroom is occupied. The door to the study is ajar, and she’d fuck on an IKEA desk if that was the best option, but there’s also the bedroom. With a bed. A bed that’s covered in coats.

They’re too horny to care now. The thick heft of his cock is straining against his jeans and he shuts the door, wedges a chair under the handle, flicks off the light and pushes her unceremoniously onto the bed, hard enough to show that he gets her.

She reaches for his belt, but one of his hands is on hers, lifting them high above her head and holding them there, while the other flicks open the steel buttons on his fly and frees his dick.

She wants to touch it, and so she tries to wriggle free, but he only tightens his grip, which makes her wetter still, and brings his lips down to meet hers. He kisses like a dream.

They fuck like superheroes would fuck, his jeans still around his ankles, her knickers shoved to one side, as if either one of them might have to fly off and save the world at any minute. It’s quick, but it’s good: he grinds against her clit with every thrust and before she knows it the world is shattering into a million sparkly pieces and she’s gasping into his mouth. When he comes he buries his face against her neck and she strokes his back, not caring what he might make of that.

She does care though when he props himself up on his elbow and kisses her swiftly on the lips. It feels like she’s losing him.

She tries to make a joke of it. ‘Isn’t Batman also an escapologist? Should I expect you to disappear right about now?’

‘No chance,’ he says, leaning into her again and sinking his teeth into her collarbone.

‘And,’ he says, tweaking her bent and flattened wings as she’s blissfully contemplating the bruise she’ll have tomorrow,  ‘It doesn’t look like you’ll be flying off anywhere soon either.’

Polished: NEW RULES

A few weeks back I posted this – a bit of fun and a way to get some much needed (for me at least) writing inspiration.

Since then, a few people have contacted me and said they’d like to join in, but for various reasons were wary or unable to: they didn’t want to give out their address or they lived overseas, to name just a couple.

So, because it’s my game, I’m changing the rules. The original suggestion still stands, and if you’d like to send/be sent an actual nail polish you have until midnight tonight to DM or email me to let me know. You can find the full rules on the original post.

However, if the idea appeals but the format puts you off, here are two alternatives:

Alternative 1

Drop me an email or a DM and I will pick, at random, one of my many nail polishes and email you its name. You then write a story that references the nail polish name in some way. You can request a polish name any time between now and the 27th July.

Alternative 2

You pick one of your own nail polish colours and write a story that references that nail polish name in some way.

Now with prizes…

Originally, I said this wasn’t a competition and there wouldn’t be any prizes. I’ve since changed my mind. Anyone who writes a nail polish themed story and publishes it on their blog/sends me the link before midnight on July 27th will be eligible to win a copy of my favourite erotica anthology. That applies no matter where in the world you live.

*UPDATE* Since I posted this earlier, the lovely Kristina Lloyd has contacted me to say that she’ll send the winner a copy of her new novel Undone, before its official UK release date. She’s also offered to kill the winner if they subsequently post spoilers.

Any questions, let me know…


Back in December 2011, I joined in with the Curiosity Project – a blog swap project where your details and a list of your likes/dislikes are sent to another participating blogger and they send you a shoe box full of stuff they think you’ll like. In return, you do the same for another randomly allocated person.

The project has been on hold for a while, and although it’s due to restart soon, I miss getting exciting mail. So, in the words of Carrie Bradshaw, I got to thinking…

In March this year, Kristina Lloyd ran an excellent erotica workshop about how to spark up ideas for flash fiction pieces. Her suggestion? Nail polishes have cool names, so why not pick a colour name at random, brainstorm its associations and use it as the basis for a short story?

I keep meaning to give it a go, and then never quite getting round to it.

So, with kind permission from Kristina, here’s what I’m proposing:

If you’re a UK-based erotica writer (I would love to make this worldwide, but British postal regulations on nail polish are ridiculously tight) and you’d like some inspiration, I’m proposing a polish swap.

You send me your address and I match you randomly with another person. That person will send you a nail polish which you then use to inspire a piece of erotica/a blog post/–a short story in another genre. In return, you send out a polish to another participant.

Hopefully that makes sense, but to clarify:

The Rules…

(1) Email your name/pseudonym and full address, including a postcode, to before midnight on July 11th.
(2) Your name will be put into a hat and each participant will be drawn a secret recipient to send their nail polish to.
(3) You will receive an email with your recipients name and address on July 12th.
(4) You purchase a nail polish of your choice and send it to your recipient before July 18th. Because of the previously mentioned mailing regulations, please read this to make sure you’ve packaged/labelled your nail polish correctly.
(5) Please make sure the polish you choose has a name – it’s not much fun if someone gets a polish called ‘112.’ Good sources of relatively cheap polishes with good names are Maybelline and Rimmel 60 second.
(6) When you receive your nail polish, write a short piece of erotica/a blog post/a short story in another genre, inspired by its name. It’s up to you whether you share the story on your blog, but I will link to anyone who sends me details of their story once its written. There is no minimum/maximum work count for your story – it’s totally up to you.
(7) Hopefully it goes without saying, but this is open to both men and women.
(8) Your personal details will be forwarded only once to your secret project partner. Your information will not be shared with anyone else. If, however, someone does not receive a polish, I will send on the email address of their sender so that they can contact them and find out what happened to their parcel.
(9) This isn’t a competition – it’s just a bit of fun and an excuse to write something new. No winners, no prizes – sorry!

If I’ve missed anything, or you have questions, please let me know…

I’m excited!