Sinful Sunday: Bambi

Firstly, apologies. This isn’t remotely an attempt at the April prompt. I decided to share this photo at the last minute because last night the wonderful @fdotleonora asked if it would be a Sinful Sunday picture and god knows I needed to hear that at the time.

I don’t think this image is erotic. I like the lay of my right leg across my left, but my left leg captures how I feel about my entire life right now – braced and uncomfortable, unable to relax. 

I feel like the fact I can’t get away with skyscraper heels makes me less of a woman. I’ve fallen entirely for the rhetoric that says beautiful girls wear killer heels and don’t, like me, need helping even from cab to restaurant or need to carry flats in their handbag, even though I *know* the same is true for other people. It’s not true for the friends I’m with though and when they don elegant stilettos and I’m stuck with clunky Mary Janes or my low heeled boots, I feel like the ugly duckling. 

I lasted a very short period of time in these last night, and I fell over before we’d even left the apartment. But I needed to do it. Because my legs make me feel less like a girl.