Gift guide (of sorts): Mother’s Day 2016

Molly of fame asked if I’d be doing a Mother’s Day gift guide, and I said no, because they’re time consuming and they don’t get as many hits as the sex related stuff, but then I’ve seen a lot of cute stuff in the past couple of weeks so I figured I may as well share it…

From left to right:

1.Betsy Liberty Print Mini Suitcase, £65

This would be perfect for keeping stationery, craft materials or make up in  – it’s girly, sure, but it’s also really lovely.

2. Mini Lipstick Charms, £29

Charlotte Tilbury make up has a kind of retro, Hollywood glamour to it (makes sense, she’s a celebrity make up artist) – the packaging is stunning, but the products are also really good quality. This set of three lippies is particularly good because all the colours are wearable, *and* they have fab names. Bitch Perfect, anyone?

3. The Nordic Bakery Cookbook, £13.48

Since I went to Copenhagen last month, I’m obsessed with all things Scandi (travel guide potentially on the way). Scandinavian is basically a synonym for cosy, and I think this book looks like the perfect way to create cosiness at home while waiting for Spring to properly arrive.

4. Ren Moroccan Rose Bath Oil, £26

I’m essentially incapable of writing a list that doesn’t have bath oil on it. Rose wouldn’t usually be my top choice of fragrance, but I’m swayed by how subtle this is, and by the beautiful bottle, which makes it great as a gift.

5. Mr B’s Reading Spa, £65

Mr B’s Reading Year was on my original Christmas gift guide, and it was one of the most popular things on there. This, the cheaper version, gets you a voucher to go and discuss books and eat cake with a member of the Mr B’s team, and £45 to spend on books. Great if your mum likes to support independent retailers.

6. Elle Decoration Subscription, £38

This is what I’ve got for my mum. I think it’s a good choice because it has actual content worth reading (i.e. isn’t Cosmo), and is much less old-fashioned than most of the home magazines out there.

7. Dark Chocolate, Pistachio and Raspberry Brittle, £5.85

Pistachios always make me come over all Nigella, because they’re such a great colour, and paired with dried raspberries and dark chocolate, this is so pretty, I almost wouldn’t want to eat it, but is also from Ottolenghi, so guaranteed to be delicious.

8. Andy Warhol Ideas Book, £13.99

Like bath oil, there’s always a notebook. This one has unlined pages with Warhol quotes, and can be used for writing or drawing. And it’s hardcover, which is always a bonus.

9. Feminism Dress, £14.99

I saw a girl wearing this slogan on a tee, which sadly no longer seems to be available, but this would be a great dress for lounging around in at weekends.

10. Glitter Hearts iPhone 6 Case, £20

I can’t decide if this is cool or tacky, but I think it would definitely be hypnotic, and she’ll know you love her, at least…

11. Hay Kaleidoscope Trays, £56

There’s a real Scandinavian theme to this list, but Hay trays are cool because you can buy as many as you can afford and keep adding them in new colours and sizes. I think this would be a great way to store jewellery.

12. Champagne Saucers, £20

Champagne saucers allegedly make fizz lose it’s well, fizz, quicker than flutes, but I don’t care, because I love them. Match these with a bottle of cava or prosecco and some elderflower or peach liqueur and you have a perfect afternoon…

13. Beaufort Necklace, £48

I want this, so your mum probably will too, right?

14. Set of 3 Photo and Cardholders, £23.42

I bought a set of these, and they’ve proved to be super useful – especially good if your mum likes bringing home postcards from exhibitions and has nowhere to display them.

15. Wire Mesh Memo board, £55

This is one of two ways of displaying postcards on a list of fifteen items (oops), but I would totally love this as a way of creating a kind of mood board for my novel. Perfect for creative types.


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