On the fourth day of Christmas: F Dot Leonora

I’d hazard a guess that I became aware of this lovely lady before she was properly aware of me. She read on the Sunday afternoon at Eroticon 2014, which was one of the few parts of the conference where I managed to hold it together. And she read beautifully, despite professing to be nervous and was just so sweet and warm that I liked her before we’d even interacted.

Since then, we’ve interacted a hell of a lot more. She’s stunningly impressive in her commitment to memes like Marie Rebelle’s Wicked Wednesday, especially because she’s taken a set of characters and developed them relentlessly through 2014, and none of the prompts seem to have remotely made her flinch.

When it comes to my top three posts though, it was her ‘Sticky Note’ fiction, based on a concept thought up by @BeingBlacksilk that I really, really struggled to choose between. I noticed Ms Solomon said on Twitter recently that she’s thinking of exploring other genres, such as horror, alongside erotica in 2015 and these sticky note posts, which really highlight her dark side, show why this is a fabulous idea. It was an endless toss up between Sticky Note #3 and Sticky Note #4, but in the end #4 won it – hopefully you’ll understand why when you read it.

Also a beautiful showcase of her longer fiction is the story she wrote for my Polished competition, Cherry Blossom. One of the things I love about the way she writes is that her language is so rich and so passionate – I know she’s a big Anais Nin fan, and I’m not the only sex blogger/erotica writer who’s commented on how much she’s been positively influenced by Nin’s style. There are no holds barred and it makes for fabulous writing. Oh, and the picture she chose for this post was fabulous, too.

Finally, is a meme that she participated in way back in February, Holding a Mirror to Myself. If you’re wondering why I’ve picked a post where she answers set questions, it’s because this is where I see the woman who’s totally confident in what she does and does it because she loves it. And boy, that’s both hot and inspiring. Anyway, here’s an extract:

Why do I write what I do?

In my experience, love is everything. No matter how people want to resist it and make it seem like it is hokey, once people fall in love it changes everything, becomes everything. So marvelous and intoxicating, like turning around and around the way children do until they get dizzy and lie on the floor to recover. Writing about people losing control in love, I love it. Gotta have that man or woman now syndrome, and the rabbit hole that it takes someone down.

If you want to follow her, you’ll find her homepage here.

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