On the fifth day of Christmas: Girl on the Net

Earlier this month Girl on the Net was awarded the top spot in Sweet Rori’s Top 100 Sex Bloggers of 2014, and I don’t think Rori could have made a better choice.

It’s hard to put into words how I feel about Girl on the Net’s blogging – to me she feels like both one of the edgiest and one of the most ‘respectable’ faces of sex blogging. What do I mean by that? Well, she’s definitely one of the filthiest blogs I read, but so much of what she writes resonates with me and seems important that she’s the only sex blogger whose posts I regularly share with my RL friends on Facebook as well as with my Twitter followers (the filthy stuff I share with a select group, the SFW posts with all my friends).

This year, I’d say she’s written more widely and more bravely than ever (if you’ve been following these posts up till now, you’ll have noticed that bravery is something I *really* admire in people’s writing.) I’m going to be firm with myself and stick to my rule of three linked posts per blogger, but do seek out her post on anxiety for The Cocktail Hour, which was wonderful.

So, let’s start with something similar, her post What happens when you combine sex and anxiety? Obviously, this one resonated on a personal level: 2014 has been the year where I’ve discovered that the right kind of sex can lift you above the thoughts churning in your mind and bring actual, real calm, and this post captured it perfectly, helped by Stuart F Taylor’s wonderful image.

Incredibly, my second choice is a SFW one, as well, because it’s so beautifully nuanced. For reasons shortly to become apparent I’m not going to quote from my final choice in this post, so here’s an extract from In defence of monogamy:

‘While I bloody LOVE being able to write blog posts that conclude ‘OMG this is SUCH BULLSHIT’, my conclusion this time naturally has to be a bit more muted. Relationships (both monogamous and nonmonogamous) are naturally complex things. All of them involve a certain amount of negotiation, discussion and compromise. The key thing isn’t whether your relationships ‘fit’ a template that someone else has created, but whether they make you and your partners happy.’

I got a bit stuck on trying to pick a filthy post for this round up, largely because I was so completely overwhelmed by choice. I searched my handle and her’s to see what I’d retweeted with comment, because the manual RTs are normally the posts I really loved. And then I realised that the hottest post of all was dead obvious – it’s this one, on the Doxy Massager – and you don’t get an extract because it’s the sound effects that make it.

You’ll find Girl on the Net’s homepage here.

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