On the third day of Christmas: Floraidh Clement

The idea was that by this point in my Twelve Days of Christmas posts I’d have built up a bit of a head of steam and would have written and scheduled most of these posts. But nope, I’m still flying by the seat of my pants and looking likely to miss the actual third day of Christmas with this one. Sorry, Flo.

When I started reading back over Floraidh’s archives today I was trying to remember how I first discovered her blog, and sadly, I’m still not sure. This round up was never intended to be all sex bloggers – just a reflection of the blogs I read most often, and Floraidh writes not so much about sex but more about university life, learning to love herself and a whole host of other random stuff. Which is what all the best bloggers do, in my opinion.

More than anything though, Floraidh reminds me of myself during my university years, although she’s a lot more honest about the complexity of her feelings around the whole experience, and she deserves commending for that alone. So, without further ado, my three favourite posts of Flo’s are:

1) In Defence of Selfies: It’s YOUR face – in which she sums up, very neatly, the relationship between a good photo and body/self confidence.

2) “THAT TWEET IS BLATANTLY ABOUT ME” And Other Stories of Losing My Mind On Social Media – because, well, just because it resonates, ok?!

3) Girl Crushes: Because My Eyes Aren’t Painted On – This was written around the time that I wrote about girl crushes, but Flo did a much, much better job. It’s become customary, in these posts, to give you a little extract, so here’s my favourite paragraph:

‘Yet there’s just something about women. I can appreciate the softer skin, the wider hips and more delicate wrists. They are just universally wonderful. But as time has gone on I’ve started to realise that it does go beyond the high school terminology of “fancying” them; it goes so much deeper. I think it’s just sincere wonder and admiration for beautiful human beings, whether they are this way physically or on the inside.’

And, if you want to read more of Flo’s blog, or follow her, you’ll find her homepage here.

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