#Lippie Entry: Highlights by @mandapen

A #Lippie entry from the ever-lovely @mandapen.


“This is a very subtle highlighter – there’s no sparkles or glitter – it’ll just give your skin a luminescence. We recommend you blend it on your cheekbones, just under brows and along the collarbone: those little areas you want to accentuate and catch the light.”

There would be no blending on cheekbones for her.

She placed it on her bedside table knowing that she would not be using her new make up until two days time. Until after she’d seen him.

Later that day: he grabs her shoulders, bites her neck, sinks his thumbs into her wrists, pushes her knees apart, slaps her arse, applies tongue, teeth, cock with vigour, but most importantly, for her, he makes invisible fingerprints.

Invisible until the following day when little smudges of tawny yellow and violet grey bruises appear on her arms, legs, breasts.

Each smudge a badge of her kink. Each smudge a thrill that she wanted to announce to the world. She took the make up from her bedside table and began to accentuate and highlight every little bruise.

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