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Kristina Lloyd asked if I’d like to join in with a literary blog hop, and because I found her answers really interesting, and because ostensibly this blog was always supposed to be a home for my fiction writing, I said yes. Plus, I’m always keen to join in with anything which serves as a reminder that erotica isn’t just a synonym for erotic romance, so here goes:

What am I working on?

Right now, I’m supposed to be editing my first erotica novel, Putting it out there, which I wrote for NaNoWriMo 2013. I haven’t ‘won’ NaNo since 2008 so it was really exciting to hit 50k again, and I so much happier writing erotica than I was writing chick lit, which was my original genre. I’m not entirely happy with the ending yet and some of the feedback I’ve had has suggested that my heroine needs to ‘man up’ a bit (just like me, in fact) so I’m planning to rework it a little with those things in mind. Editing / redrafting my work doesn’t come naturally to me though, which is worrying given that that’s what I do for a day job!

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I don’t really buy into the concept of the happy ending at all – it just doesn’t reflect my personal experience, the experience of most of my friends or the bloggers whose blogs I read. I think the characters I write have a tendency to be more neurotic / overthink things more than the average character in an erotica novel, but hopefully you do see them develop and grow in the course of the novel. Sadly though, in the case of Putting it out there I think that probably means that my heroine won’t end up with the guy she’s been fucking throughout the novel, which might make it a hard sell, I think.

Why do I write what I do?

A lot of what I write is semi-autobiographical, just like the stuff I write about on the blog. I’ve always enjoyed committing my fantasies to paper. Little things I see in day-to-day life tend to inspire me, but mostly I just write down the stuff that comes into my head that turns me on.

How does my writing process work?

‘Writing process’, ha! I’m a member of a writing group, so I write at the last minute whenever I have to submit work for feedback, but otherwise I tend to confine the bulk of my writing to November, during NaNoWriMo. I’m secretly quite competitive so external pressures / deadlines tend to work quite well for me. I’m also hoping that blogging will get me into the habit of writing more often without having to have someone else cracking the whip. And, last year I went on a really good writing retreat where you got all your meals cooked for you and there was an endless supply of Celebrations to fuel wordcount.

I’ve been pretty lame sadly, and haven’t managed to pin down three victims of my own. In my defence, I’m pretty new to this and lots of the writers I rate have already answered these questions. I’d be interested in seeing some of the bloggers who follow me answer these questions (possibly with the exception of the first one), so if you’d like to join in, tweet me @sexblogofsorts or drop me an email at sexblogofsorts@gmail.com.

In the meantime, check out the other two writers that Kristina passed the baton to – Janine Ashbless and Sallyanne Rogers.

*Update* I’ve found one victim:

@EA_unadorned is a blogger, writer, and part-time bass player in a Spacehog tribute band. He owns the UK’s largest collection of Regency cutlery and tableware, and is the holder of two Guinness World Records. He does not own a cat. Follow him on Twitter:- @EA_Unadorned

Juniper is a thirty-something girl about town, living in Glasgow, Scotland. She somewhat enjoys F Scott Fitzgerald. She is also somewhat interested in celebrity gossip. She likes tea, biscuits and a gin and tonic (preferably all at the same time). In her blog, she says whatever the hell she likes, is sometimes a little rude and treats you to her observations on life. Follow her on Twitter :- @Juniper3Glasgow

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