Charlie’s ‘No Need to Panic’ suggestions

I’m kind of at a loss now I’ve finished my Christmas shopping/wrapping. Plus my Christmas gift guide was one of the posts I’ve most enjoyed writing this year, so here’s a mini UK-High Street-based follow up in case you’ve left it till the last minute:

1. Cosmic Desk Pad, £7, Paperchase
Yeah, ok, a desk pad isn’t the *most* exciting gift, but you’ve left it late, so how exciting can you really expect to be? I have something similar on my desk, and I use it a hell of a lot – it beats lose post-its floating around everywhere…

cosmic pad

2. MAC Red Lipstick, £15.50, Debenhams
Red lipstick really does look good on most people, but a lot of girls still don’t have a nice one, I think – perhaps because they’re a bit scared of it, perhaps because it’s more than they want to spend on something they won’t wear every day. Either way, it’s a great gift.

red lipstick

3. Socks, £8-£12ish, FatFace
If you’re going down the socks route, they’re going to need to be both cute and cosy. FatFace win on both fronts. Personally, I’m a big fan of the cashmere-mix stripy ones and the Russian doll design, too

fat face socks 2_940

4. Tea & Crumpets hamper, £15ish, Boots & your local supermarket
Essie’s ‘Tea & Crumpets’ is a beautiful shade, and paired with nice tea, a pack of crumpets, some jam and the offer of home-manicuring would make a lovely gift for anyone from your best friend to your nan.



5. Amelie Retro Stripe Jersey Top, £39, Jigsaw
Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a Breton stripe? Accompanying beret is optional.

jigsaw top6. Vine Long Elaborate Earrings, £6, Accessorize
I’m always surprised by how much I like Accessorize jewellery, given how cheap it is. Tie these to a Lindt chocolate reindeer and you’re winning at Christmas.


7. Winter Candle, from £6, The White Company
This smells like Christmas. What more can I really say? Comes in a variety of sizes, plus diffuser and fragrance oil for those who aren’t big on candles.

white company candle

8. Sipsmith Sloe Gin, £24, Waitrose
Alcohol can be, frankly, a bit of a lazy gift, but this is seasonal, has a beautiful, beautiful label, and is super yummy. If you’re feeling particularly flush, pair it with a bottle of champagne/prosecco/cava and you have instant sloegasms.


9. Not Another Bill subscription, from £24,
If we’re being totally fair, this isn’t off the high street. But oh, I want it so, so badly, and presumably that means everyone else will too…


10. Improvised Book Subscription, £?, Your local bookstore
This one came about because somebody complained that one of the suggestions on my original gift list, The Willoughby Book Club, is no longer available before Christmas. I agree that’s a bit silly, but y’know, you have had all month to sort it out. Anyway, if you too find yourself in this situation, why not buy someone 4/6/12 books from your local bookshop, wrap them beautifully and send them one every month or 2-3 months, depending on how fast they read?


One thought on “Charlie’s ‘No Need to Panic’ suggestions

  1. I finally finished my shopping yesterday. Some people are damn near immpossible to buy for. Today it’s all about wrapping, I’m jealous you are all done!
    I love that book idea that’s really cool.

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