Why I love sex blogging

Sunday just gone I went to a very cool memoir writing workshop with Brooke Magnanti. In retrospect, it was probably pretty obvious that a good number of the other participants would be sex writers, given what Brooke writes about, but somehow I completely failed to realise that in advance and was there as my real self, not as Charlie.

And obviously anything I write that’s remotely memoir-like is going to be based on the same kind of stuff I write about here, so that was pretty stupid. And yet, these kinds of events (Eroticon, anything held at Sh!, erotica workshops) are places where it feels pretty safe to operate under a pseudonym or  under my real name. I might be naive, I might yet be proved wrong, but nobody from the sex blogging community that I’ve met in real life has yet given me reason to feel uneasy. Very much the opposite, in fact. The Kristina Lloyd and Janine Ashbless book launch at Sh! a couple of weeks ago was a great example of that. Of the people there, I was already interacting with or reading nearly everybody. And people are just as nice, if not nicer, in real life.

Why am I writing about this now? Partly because this morning I kicked my nerves into touch and bought a ticket for Eroticon 2015. But also because I recently realised something pretty crucial about blogging. I think there are a fair few bloggers, mostly female, who, somewhere in the back of their mind, think they’d love to have a hugely successful lifestyle blog. Who you envy, I’m sure, depends on who you read: personally, I get little jealousy pangs when reading What Katie Does, A Cup of Jo and The Prosecco Diaries. I mean, I get jealousy pangs when I read Girlonthenet, too, but that’s different.

Lifestyle blogging looks like it comes with endless perks and freebies, in exchange for reviews. Stays in fancy hotels, nice restaurants, craft workshops, make up, overseas travel. I fucking love all that stuff. But you know what? There’s only so much of it to go round, and there are so, so many of these blogs, and it’s so competitive. Not to mention, as I discovered to my huge joy the other day, fake.

Sex blogging isn’t like that. It’s supportive, warm, understanding. Most people who read take the time to leave kind, thoughtful comments on blog posts. It feels like somewhere that I fit in. And I don’t feel like that very often in life.

9 thoughts on “Why I love sex blogging

  1. Hooray! So glad you’re coming to Eroticon 2015 – would love to meet you! And thank you for being lovely about my blog.

    +1 on the supportive and awesome community thing as well – there are so many sex bloggers who’ll go out of their way to be helpful and kind and lovely.

  2. I know there are haters and trolls all over the web, but as a sex blogger I have been fortunate enough never to see any of that. This community is extremely open and accepting.

    I wish I could go to Eroticon! I’m hoping I can go when it comes back to the states again.

  3. As pretty much everyone has said, we are a very open, accepting and supporting community, and I have made a number of very good online friends. As a result of my blog. I doubt anyone would actually be interested in the other 95% of my lifestyle anyway, so I’m happy to blog about the 5% that people do seem interested in for some reason.

    Katie xx

  4. I totally agree with you about meeting people from the sex blogging community and then not having to worry which name you use, because all of them can be trusted. And… I am SO happy that you bought your ticket to Eroticon 2015. We will be seeing you there 🙂

    Rebel xox

  5. I agree, it’s a welcoming environment, friendly, funny and I’ve made some good friends along the way. I’d love to travel for free etc but I don’t need all that flashy stuff. I really do prefer our category of blogging, more my thing x spot on post x

  6. I’m still looking for my thing, as much as it might be a blog with sex in it I still struggle with the erotica element, even though I read plenty of it 🙂 it’s so important what you write makes you feel comfy – lovely warming post xx

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