Christmas Gift Guide (of Sorts) 2022

It’s been a year. But it wouldn’t be Christmas without a gift guide, so here goes…

1. Mega Flump Mug, £38

Know someone who loves nice ceramics and marshmallows on their hot chocolate? This is the gift for them.

2. Personalised Scribble Circle Cake Tin, £25

Ideal for that friend who bakes for the office but can’t tell their Tupperware apart from everybody else’s…

3. Frog Box, £25

This is a ridiculous gift. It has a removable tongue and a removable fly. Who should you buy it for? Me.

4. Circus workbook, £19.50

Always a notebook in this gift guide. This is the prettiest one I’ve seen this year, and, as a bonus, it lies flat.

5. Fingerprint activities, £9.99

Failsafe gift for little people aged 6+.

6. Fellatio card, £7.99

I love beautifully letter-pressed stuff. I also love… yes, well…

7. Leather card wallet, £40

Beautifully made, and far more interesting than plain black or brown.

8. Arc earrings, £30

These cheer up any neutral outfit and they’re lovely and light to wear, as well.

9. Pork chop pig decoration, £9.94

I love him. That is all.

10. Toast appreciation society print, £14+

Surely a good gift for nearly everyone, because everyone appreciates toast, don’t they?

11. Christmas hamper, £38

A fresh take on the traditional Christmas hamper. Ideal for parents or grandparents.

12. Fun Desk Days Gift Set, £34

As satisfying as a brand new pencil case at the start of the school year.

13. Earl of East Air Freshener, £12

Perfect stocking filler for any driver who loves a fancy fragrance brand.

14. Fuck the Game, £12.99

Very silly, but very fun.

15. Never enough butter tea towel, £12.99


16. Aroma coffee tin, £13.95

Pair with their favourite coffee and you have a great gift.

17. Sewing kit pin, $18

Little pin whose lid flips open to reveal … a sewing kit, of course.

18. Candy washbag, £25

Nice and roomy and waterproof. What’s not to

19. Lost Walls Project Puzzle, £22

Do they like street art? Puzzles? Get them both. Several designs available.

20. Alison by Lizzy Stewart, £16.99

I hadn’t read any graphic novels before this one, but this was the perfect introduction to the genre. Ideal for your bookworm friend who also loves beautiful objects.

21. Chai Clay Candle, £28

Like coziness in candle form.

22. Linda Clean Tulle Underwire Bra, £52

Candy colours available in 32A to 34E. Matching pants are £24-£30.

23. Brass moon phases, £35

Beautiful decorations that you (or they!) can keep up year round.

24. Print of their favourite restaurant, £25-£40

I love Phoebe Rutherford’s work, and I think a few of these would make stunning kitchen art.

25. Chocolate pigs in blankets, £14

Almost too cute to eat.

26. Festive foliage, £38

Because there are very few people who don’t like getting flowers.

27. Smitten Kitchen Keepers, £23.99

The Smitten Kitchen blog is one of the best food blogs out there. This compiles all of its best recipes.

28. Mini plant pots, £32.50

These would look super cute on a kitchen windowsill.

29. Ladybird tent, £125

Give your kids (and you!) Jude Law in The Holiday vibes.

30. Crochet monster storage, £15+


31. Seasonal seed box, £20

For your green-fingered friend (or small person!) who also can’t resist a googly-eye.

32. Restoring Bath Scents Collection, £22

Great value set of super high quality bath products.

33. Women’s Aid Donation, £1+

The list always ends with a charity suggestion. This year I’ve chosen Women’s Aid for their excellent campaign highlighting football-linked domestic violence.

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