Sinful Sunday: Bambi

Firstly, apologies. This isn’t remotely an attempt at the April prompt. I decided to share this photo at the last minute because last night the wonderful @fdotleonora asked if it would be a Sinful Sunday picture and god knows I needed to hear that at the time.

I don’t think this image is erotic. I like the lay of my right leg across my left, but my left leg captures how I feel about my entire life right now – braced and uncomfortable, unable to relax. 

I feel like the fact I can’t get away with skyscraper heels makes me less of a woman. I’ve fallen entirely for the rhetoric that says beautiful girls wear killer heels and don’t, like me, need helping even from cab to restaurant or need to carry flats in their handbag, even though I *know* the same is true for other people. It’s not true for the friends I’m with though and when they don elegant stilettos and I’m stuck with clunky Mary Janes or my low heeled boots, I feel like the ugly duckling. 

I lasted a very short period of time in these last night, and I fell over before we’d even left the apartment. But I needed to do it. Because my legs make me feel less like a girl.


28 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Bambi

  1. Everything you say about CP reminds me of the way I feel about being fat. Except, it makes me feel guiltier because I have the ability to change it and I don’t manage to. My whole body makes me feel less like a girl. When I read about what heels do to people, though, it just seems stupid to buy into them as a totem of womanhood. Also, like, feminism.

    The buy and sell fb page I’m has countless ugly heels for sale every day ‘worn only for a few hours’ and ‘only worn once’. I always wonder if they’re neglecting to say ‘full of blood’ as well. I followed a few women in heels around Dublin last summer, on my way back to the car. Their ankles were wobbling to and fro like elastic, they were stumping and waddling and looking anything but sexy. They had to be in a lot of pain. If I wore heels for a night, it would make my dodgy hip go out in a way that would make sex impossible, and I figure that’s not sexy either.

    So ugly ankles and fuck you shoes it has to be, for me.

    • Thanks lovely – I know what you mean about the guilt, although I get that too, to an extent. Should I have had more physio? Do more exercise? Lose the weight to take the strain off my joints? I’m trying to be more accepting of my body just the way it is.

  2. I own one single pair of heels – and I’m considering passing those on to my friend. I’m all flats, all the time (except for when I’m barefoot, which is a whole lot in summer).

    That said, I don’t really want to get rid of the last pair of heels. Because they look so nice when I pose with them. Not as nice as you do though!

    xx Dee

  3. So firstly I think your legs looks lovely in this shot, not just because of the heels but because they are lovely legs. Secondly, I will admit to loving my heels, they way the look and the way they make me stand and walk but fuck me backwards can they be uncomfortable at times. The bright pink pair is an exception though, I can wear those for hours. However, I bought my first pair of heels when I was 36. Before that I never owned a single pair, mainly because I was too overweight and the weight made them just too painful to wear and also because I had no confidence in myself so hiding under big jumpers and trainers was a safe place for me. Heels were the domain of the fit and sexy…. or so I thought.

    Personally I find heels sexy but no more so that flats and actually the most sexy look in my opinion is socks and boots…. oh my that is just such a look! (and I mean flat boots, not heels) there is something about the wholesome simplicity of it that just does it for me

    And one final thing lovely Charlie, you are so NOT the ugly duckling, very far from it in fact (hug)


    • Thanks Molly – the reasons why I chose to wear them last night were complicated – partly to face up to my fears, partly because I wanted to look as hot as my friends, but it may be the last time, even though they think I should try to find a pair that work better for me. We’ll see, I guess… xxx

  4. I fall off my DM biker boots, and for burlesque I have to wear wedges with very scuffed soles in order to stay upright. But good legs are good legs, and yours are fab!

  5. Your legs are beautiful and strong. The trouble with “fascist beauty standards” is we focus on the ones it’s impractical or unrealistic for us to meet & beat ourselves up our “failures”. Our feelings of inadequacy then obscure the unique sexy qualities WE have to offer.

    Beauty standards also tell the lie that everyone is looking for the exact same physical qualities, dress and personality. But attraction and desire are so uniquely individual. Whatever you look like, whatever you weigh, however you dress – you are many people’s “type.”

  6. You have gorgeous legs with or without heels.

    I used to live in heels in my youth and my feet pay the price now. Ok some people look great in heels but the majority I see now clumping about in them look awful and all I can see is the discomfort I get now because of what I wore when I was younger, was it worth it? I’m not sure that it was to be honest!

    Velvet x

    • I was a teenager & young adult when everyone used tanning beds for a golden glow (late 80s/early 90s). I have very fair skin – no pigment whatsoever – so obviously that wasn’t something I could do. Well, I’m glad now I couldn’t because I have good skin that’s aging well.

      Everyone has their own little beauty rituals, but I always think it’s best to stick with what’s realistic for you and makes YOU feel good, and not worry about any other yardstick. What’s fashionable changes so much anyway.

  7. I think you are wrong, I find this image is erotic. You have beautiful legs and shoes are just well shoooooes!!
    I absolutely adore looking at pretty shoes but I can’t walk in them, partly due to an ankle injury and partly because I have no co-ordination whatsoever and often manage to trip over my own shadow!

  8. This is such a sensual image. I love the play of textures against each other, the suede, your stockings, the carpet. And like Beck said, the feel of running stockinged legs against each other is so so good. the shoes are gorgeous. I like looking at heels but I rarely wear them. I feel sexier when I’m comfortable, and I’m never comfortable in heels.

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