Don’t read clickbait, read this instead: Cast your vote!

So, finally, after a week of harassment by me, the ‘Don’t read clickbait, read this instead‘ competition is closed. All the entries were fantastic and I’m still making my mind up about ‘Charlie’s Choice’ but in the meantime, a little reminder that the other prize is in your hands (or your clicking finger, at least).

All of the entries are hyperlinked below, and below that, there’s a poll. Please do vote for your favourite and please do try to resist the temptation to vote for your own post. The poll will close at 23.59 on Saturday 15th November, and I’ll announce the winners of both prizes on Sunday 16th.

Thanks to all those who joined in, and thanks in advance for your votes!

Charlie x

PS If you entered, you might just want to double check your post is listed below. I *think* I caught everybody, but accidents happen…

The entries:

Everything I know about sex writing I learned from Taylor Swift by @brosandprose

The Fireworks by @Juniper3Glasgow

Heartbreak by @codexonline

Fixing passion… by @FantasticalView

Kissing with confidence by @bangsnwhimpers

Guy Fawkes by @hornygeekgirl

How to capture the runaway idea… before it runs away by @JillyBoyd

Indeed by @innocentlb

That time I lost my virginity by @girlseule

Please don’t stop the music by @bangsnwhimpers

A break from fiction, but still a prompt! by @FSolomonRR

Sniffy by @mollysdailykiss

3 thoughts on “Don’t read clickbait, read this instead: Cast your vote!

  1. So much good writing here…. I am struggling to cast just ONE vote…. I think I shall ponder it overnight and return tomorrow to click the button.


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